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Dear Jonathan Anderson,

I hope this finds you well. 

It’s my great pleasure to have this opportunity to showcase my work. I’ve been a huge admirer of your campaigns that you had done with Jamie Hawkesworth. I am not the best at talking about myself. I do hope that my work will speak for me. 

I was self-taught at the age of 15-16. I grew up with Vietnamese parents who have come to Australia as refugees in the fall of Saigon. I have a huge family with plenty of boys (6) and I'm the only girl.  Until this day I still struggle to be in a skirt and heels. My parents have never let me forget how hard-working they are and because of that, I was rebellious enough to fight for what I only knew how to take pictures, and I promised if I devote myself to photography so that it is by far the one most important thing in my life and decide I'll work harder than anybody else on this planet then I might push my image making to the level it has the potential to reach. 

Fashion photography to me isn’t just about photographing beautiful models. What attracts me the most is the story behind the designs of each garment. I always try to understand and connect with the clothes as if trying to figure out a puzzle. To solve the puzzle is like to dissect the forms, lines, shapes, structures etc and how the garment was constructed. Images without understanding and feelings wouldn’t be complete to me. Of course the subject is just as important, I believe that every piece of clothing belong to a right person and what they could do and how they could transform it. 

Without my Mother saying no to me doing photography, I wouldn't have fought this hard to love it this much. A good image to me has a great sense of timelessness. I aim for that in my work.

Thank you for this opportunity. 


Olivia Tran

 Olivia Tran is a photographer currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

Olivia Tran is a photographer currently based in Melbourne, Australia.